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〈モツ〉Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland 7/7

Ragnheiður loves lamb organ meals- レイキャヴィーク キュートで奇妙な彼女の結び目 第7回

〈モツ〉Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland 7/7




メールマガジン"Biotope Journal Weekly"では、その週に取り上げた〈人とくらし〉を、インタビューをもとに、すこし踏み込んでお伝えします。11月22日に発行する第50号では「レイキャヴィーク キュートで奇妙な彼女の結び目」のラグンヘイズルをレポート。メールマガジンの無料版(テキストメール簡易版)とHTML版でお届けする画像つき〈全部入り〉有料版のご登録はこちらから。有料版では今回も、たくさんの画像を収録してお届けします。どうぞお楽しみに!


Icelandic people go abroad without hesitating in spite of its insular cultural image. Many of them have experience to study abroad since their English speaking level is high enough. Ragnheiður also achieved her master degree in USA after learning design at Reykjavik. Staying Michigan was fruitful for her, but she missed her hometown especially for its local food. Any food or sweets in US was too rough or too sweet for her, and they were quite opposite from Icelandic dishes that are natural and simple for enrich the taste of food. What she missed the most was the country traditional lamb organ meals. “It looks awful but tastes wonderful,” she said.

After visiting US, Japan and some European countries, Ragnheiður is still interested in travelling to many places. Visiting Mongol or China by riding the train from Russia, seeing a friend in Taiwan, looking at South America, Africa ? she said she was curious about everywhere. However, for living, Iceland is the best place for her. Although she can tell some problems here, she knows as much about the preciousness about its safety and natural riches rather than other countries. She was smiling to tell us, some time in future, she would like to make a small company to earn enough money to just live, and grow vegetables at her small countryside house.


■ Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland
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