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〈温泉〉Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland 6/7

Ragnheiður loves swimming pool / hot spring- レイキャヴィーク キュートで奇妙な彼女の結び目 第6回

〈温泉〉 Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland 6/7






One of the unique things for Iceland is its weather. It’s not talking about its coldness, but all day becomes night time when the winter season comes. On the other hand, it will be all day time in the summer ? as it is called a nightless summer. Ragnhedur said she likes the latter part. “Sunshine is important thing. I feel like it gives me the power when I bathing sun.”

However, the winter season occupied nights is not too bad. The winter has its good point and good ways to live along. She likes to go swimming at swimming pools with her friends on the season. In this country, a swimming pool is something similar to Japanese hot spring. As a volcanic country, there are many hot springs in Iceland and people get relaxed at warm pools using these hot water.

She said the culture might also be developed better in the winter. People get out for enjoying nature when the long-waited summer comes. Oppositely, the darkness and the coldness of winter naturally make people to stay at home. People do not spend the time dourly shutting up. Many people can create something by themselves in this country. All kids learn knitting or crafting at the elementary school, so it’s not special to make a sweater by hand, for instance. There are many people plays music too. People in Iceland surely know how to live the long winter in prosperity.


■ Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland
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