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〈遊び心〉Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland 4/7

Ragnheiður finds playfulness in Icelandic design - レイキャヴィーク キュートで奇妙な彼女の結び目 第4回

〈遊び心〉 Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland 4/7




彼女はべつに、ネガティブな意味合いで言うのではない。伝統に縛られたり型にはまった洗練を求められることがないから、アイスランドのデザインは、ある種の自由さを発揮できるのだ。彼女は、この国のデザインには遊び心が満ちているという。彼女自身のクッションにも、それは見て取ることができる。もっと強烈に遊び心が表現されたデザインとして彼女の挙げた例が、他のデザイナーによる「口ひげニット帽」。あたたかそうなニット帽に、口ひげを模したような部分がついているというもの。身につければ見た目も楽しく、しかも口元もあたためてくれるという優れものだ。こちらも、「Meet Iceland!」で購入することができる。


The country of Iceland is often categorized within the Nordic countries. Some of their cultures are in common and Iceland has the history that the country occupied with other countries. However, we saw there is a characteristic identity that other countries do not have. We asked Ragnheiður about what makes this country unique.

After thinking for a while, she pointed out its shortness in the meaning of the history. There was no one living the land here until the 9th or 10th century, and this nation's independent was realized in the 20th century - that is quite recent. From this view point, Iceland is different from Denmark or Sweden that have a long history, she said.

She didn't mean any negative about the history. Icelandic design can be free since it is not required to be strictly traditional nor manneristic sophisticated. She explained this country's design is full of playful spirit. We could see that in her cushions. She raised an extreme example of this mind "Mustache Knit Cap" by a different designer. Warm-looking knit cap has a knit mustache together. When you ware this on, it looks fun with you and warms your mouth too. This product is also available at "Meet Iceland!"


■ Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland
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