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〈クレイナ〉Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland 3/7

Ragnheiður treated us with Kleinas - レイキャヴィーク キュートで奇妙な彼女の結び目 第3回

〈クレイナ〉Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland 3/7






Ragnheiður kindly welcomed us with tea and sweets. They were Kleinas which is one of fried doughnut, widely sold in Iceland. Its twisted shape is originally in the motif of the baby wrapped in the blanket, and we saw the shape looked similar to her cushion.

Her cushion “Notknot” is created by knitting twice. Looking close at the material of wide ropes, we learned they are finely knitted at first. And after that, it is twisted, tied, and weaved to make its unique shape. She uses several ways to weave such as Chinese style or for sailing for developing variations. There are four kinds now and each of them are nicely characteristic.

The material of cushion is basically Iceland wool. In this country there are sheep everywhere. Wool is important resource to make various kinds of product for this not very abundant land. In order to enable the required function, she partly uses chemical fiber, but she sets a high value to use local natural wool. Because it is Iceland traditional material and she wants herself to be always aware about the environmental problems.


■ Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland
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