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〈パンダ〉Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland 2/7

Ragnheiður lives with "Panda" - レイキャヴィーク キュートで奇妙な彼女の結び目 第2回




夫婦は似るというけれど、もともと他人のはずのこのふたりは、それなのになんだかとてもよく似ている。べつにペアルックというわけではない。共通して身につけているのは、黒縁のめがねだけ。それでも、纏っている空気感が「お揃い」のように見えるのだ。リラックスしていて、接する人に緊張感をまったく与えない。自然体で、木の素材が多く使われたこの家によく馴染んでいる。 旦那さんは部屋でパソコンに向かっているから仕事中なのかと思いきや、なんとゲームの真っ最中。仕事しなくちゃいけないんだけど、と言いながら、ずいぶんとのんびりだ。ラグンヘイズルはそれを見て笑っている。



Driving 10 minutes from the Reykjavik city center, the place had many small houses standing along. This residential area generated open mind mood because of spaces between houses. One of these houses, Ragnheiður and her husband are living. As same as Jófríður’s house in the last article, one floor of the house is their space. She showed her smile from the window in the third floor and welcomed us. Her husband who also welcomed us is a graphic designer. Even though their fields are different, they are both active as designer.

There is a saying that the couple resembles each other, but they were too much of that. Of course they should have been different two persons originally, and they did not ware anything same other than black-lined glasses, but their mood was just like “pair.” They were both relaxed, natural, and never gave us a tense feeling. Their atmosphere fit in their woody room.

The husband was looking at his PC in the room so we thought he was doing his job, but he was playing a game actually. “I should do my job,” he said, but he was still in laid-back mood. Ragnheiður was laughing to look at him.

In this room, there was one more resident. She is Panda. She is not a big animal really, and she is a small pug dog. We felt Panda was bit strange name for her, and more than that, we felt it is strange that Chinese origin dog lives in Iceland. Even we felt like that, Panda also had a relaxed atmosphere as same as her owners and welcomed strangers slipping around the floor.


■ Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland
>〈Notknot〉Ragnheiður, in Reykjavik, Iceland 1/7




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