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〈スペイン〉Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey 7/7

Gul wants to travel in Spain - イスタンブル ピアス・タトゥー・イスラム! 第7回

〈スペイン〉 Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey 7/7





メールマガジン"Biotope Journal Weekly"では、その週に取り上げた〈人とくらし〉を、インタビューをもとに、すこし踏み込んでお伝えします。4月28日夜に発行する第27号では「イスタンブル ピアス・タトゥー・イスラム!」のギュルをレポート。今号もひきつづき登録無料で写真つき。よろしければこちらから、ご登録ください!


We had an interview with Gul in the daytime when she was still at work. The time after breakfast is not so busy for her. She works untill 6PM usually. However, she doesn't go back to her room today but go back her home on Asian side of this city. Because she is going to have an interview fo job apprication the tomorrow. She cannot earn enough money by working here, so she have to get new job although she doesn't like to work in formal style. "I need more money!" she says.

It is not just for accumulating money. She wants to go travel abroad. It is very easy to get to Europe from Istanbul, so she plans to go on short trips on weekends. The country she wants to go next is Spain. "I'll find a Spanish boyfriend!" she jokes.

She has a boyfriend, actually. They have been in the relationship for 10 years. However, they doesn't have any concrete plan to get married now. She wants to do many things before it. "I wanna get another tattoo," she said paging through a magazine. "You alredy have one?" we are surprised. Yes, she has a cool one on her back. She gives you something always unexpectedly.


■ Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey
〈鼻ピアス〉Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey 1/7



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TRANSLATION BY Jutaro Kanazawa


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