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〈スティーグ・ラーソン〉 Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey 6/7

Gul reads Stieg Larsson - イスタンブル ピアス・タトゥー・イスラム! 第6回

Gul reads Stieg Larsson - イスタンブル ピアス・タトゥー・イスラム! 第6回






Gul's room is on the top floor of this hostel. You can see the great view of the Golden horn and the Bosphorus from the spacey double-bedded room. It is strange that she is living in the room while most tourists sleep in narrow dormitory rooms. However, she can use the room because few guests stay in the room. In case they have any reservation for the room, Gul goes back home. She has to take an hour and more to get back home, so she can't go back every day.

Since this room is not her own room, there is no her belongings showing her life well. There are a double bed, a fridge and a TV set. There is also an old record player, but it looks just like an interior item because it is not working now. Outside the door, there is a terrace. You can see the view of the city clearly. She especially likes the view in twilight.

She comes back in this room after finishing her work from morning to evening. She spends most of her time here watching TV or reading books. It seems that they are all she can do here because it is really simple room. But the simple style must fit on her. The book she is reading now is "Milleniun" written by Stieg Larsson.


■ Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey
〈鼻ピアス〉Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey 1/7


TRANSLATION BY Jutaro Kanazawa


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