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〈ラク〉Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey 3/7

Gul loves to drink Raki - イスタンブル ピアス・タトゥー・イスラム! 第3回

〈ラク〉 Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey 3/7






She continues talking with fluent English. Turkish women usually cannot speak English at all or cannot speak so fluently even if they know how to speak. There are two reasons, she says. One is the terrible English education system of this country. Most women starts to study English when they entered into high school, but "It's too late and not enough!" she says. The other is that it is really difficult to get opportunities to speak it. Without speaking, skills of languages will be lost.
However, it's different in Gul's case. Firstly, she had been studying in London for 2 years and improved her English skill. She must be good at learning languages because she is really talkative. Moreover, there were a lot of opportunities to speak English when she was working in a trading company. Now she is still in same situation because she have to talk a lot to the tourists from all over the world every day.

In England, People surprised to hear that she is from Turkey, a Islamic country. Because they had a kind of prejudice that Islamic women are extremely conservative. "They think that communicating with men is prohibited for me!" she says. Yes, it is correct as basic knowledge. But of course some Muslims are conservative and others are not. Gul's personality must be surprising for them.

She even drinks alcohol. She likes Raki, turkish local liquor. Drinking with friends and playing musical instruments is the best way. We can't imagine how she becomes when she get drunk. Will she be more talkative? Or... it is mystery.


■ Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey
〈鼻ピアス〉Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey 1/7


TRANSLATION BY Jutaro Kanazawa


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