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〈アジア側〉Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey 2/7

Gul loves the asian side of Istanbul - イスタンブル ピアス・タトゥー・イスラム! 第2回

〈アジア側〉Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey 2/7






Gul's hometown in not Istanbul. It is far east from here, sort of mountainous district away from sea. However, she doesn't remember so many things about her hometown because it was her childhood when she moved to Istanbul. She has lived her life mostly in Istanbul for a little over 30 years. So, she does not have any consciousness about what was brought to her from radical change in living place.

However, the age from 90s to nowadays has big change in Istanbul. She has watched through it here. It is SO big change, many things have changed, she says.
One example is Taksim plaza, which is symbolic place in New city. Now it is called as a central place in New city which many tourists use as a landmark for sightseeing in the city, but 15 years ago it is not so famous. By then almost 70% people around there are consisted of local person, and only other 30% were foreigners. It is different from the circumstance now that half or more people are foreigners.

The name of Gul's hometown is Sivas. It is famous for maniac travellers for their remaining tradition of good old Turkey. The reason Gul loves quiet and traditional place may came from her unconscious sense brought by her surroundings in her childhood. So, where she loves most in Istanbul is not Old city or New city. She loves Asian side the most.


■ Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey
〈鼻ピアス〉Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey 1/7




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