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〈鼻ピアス〉Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey 1/7

Gul wears a nose ring - イスタンブル ピアス・タトゥー・イスラム! 第1回







The Istanbul city is divided into three main parts. First is Asian side, across the Bosphorus from European side, the second. In addition, the second part is divided into Old city and New city across the Golden Horn. Like many other historical cities, Old city is the central place of sightseeing. And new city is the central place of business. In Istilakul street, the main street cleaves the highland in New city, famous fashion boutiques stand side by side and young people wearing trend fashion walk around. Lovers walk hands in hands. Though we can see many tourists here, we don't feel it so touristic as Old city.

Turning off the main street, we go down the steep slope bit by bit. Sky is square-edged by buildings thickly stand, then the sea suddenly appears beyond it. You can find such viewings everywhere when you walk around the back streets in Istanbul, no matter in Old ciry or New city.

There is a hostel halfway down the hill. The inn is tiny, family-owned. When you get to there in daytime, Gul would welcome you almost all the time. Gul sometimes sits in reception counter, or read books in back. She fluently speaks English and wears a nose ring. Even if Turkey is deeply secularized, her appearance is far away from typical image of Islamic women. She is so pushy that we are overwhelmed when we drop our guard, otherwise she is noticing and kind. She seems to be a receptionist in hostels in Europe. You can hear the prayer from mosques. Yes, you are here in Turkey.


■ Gul, in Istanbul, Turkey




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