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〈教育〉Mubarak, in Merzouga, Morocco 6/7

Mubarak gives education - メルズーガ サハラ砂漠の小さな家。彼がノマドをやめた理由 第6回

〈教育〉Mubarak, in Merzouga, Morocco 6/7



4人の子どもたちのうちのふたりが、父が異国人からインタビューを受けている部屋へ入ってくる。落ち着きのないやんちゃ坊主と、目を輝かせた利発そうな女の子だ。父の発する耳慣れない英語とかいう言葉を、面白そうに復唱してみせる。異国人が日本から来たのだと聞くと、そこはどれほど遠いのかと父に質問する。「アガディールよりも、もっと遠いの?」 アガディールとは、モロッコ南西部の都市。お母さんの姉妹が住んでいる場所だ。まだ幼いふたりにとって、遠い場所とはアガディールのことなのだ。「もちろん、もっともっと遠い。飛行機に乗って半日も移動しなければいけないんだよ」と父は教える。目を丸くして驚く子どもたちに、砂漠の男らしくいつもクールで厳しいムバラクの表情が、瞬間、ふっと緩む。



Though born in a nomadic family, Mubarak has various skills and knowledge, including speaking several languages. Since he communicates with people from overseas as a tour guide, he has a broader view about an education of his children. Asked how he wants his kids to grow, he answered that they should be raised in a different way from what he experienced, that is, going to school, graduating from it, and getting a job. He wants them to change their “life,” he says. “Life” used here doesn’t only mean their current situation, but it also means a nomadic life itself, free but limited, which has been handed down over generations. Mubarak, as a father, hopes to send his kids to a town, possibly overseas, and give them a chance to graduate from a collage.

Two of four kids of his came into the room where their father is interviewed by strangers. One is a restless and energetic boy, and the other is a smart-look girl with her eyes sparkling. They amusingly repeat what their father talks in English, an unfamiliar language to them. Knowing the strangers came from Japan, they asked their father how far it is, saying “Is that farther than Agadir?” Agadir is the town that locates in the Southwest of Morocco, where their aunt lives. For innocent kids, someplace far means Agadir. The father tells them, “Yes, of course. It’s much farther. You have to take an airplane for half a day.” As he sees the kids’ astonishment, his face softens for a moment, which is usually grim, like a man living in a desert.

Asked what their dreams are, the boy answered he was not sure yet. Maybe it was embarrassing for him to declare that before his father. The girl confidently answered that she would like to be a teacher for young kids, indicating that she enjoys her own school life.


■ Mubarak, in Merzouga, Morocco
〈ノマド〉Mubarak, in Merzouga, Morocco 1/7




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