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〈誕生日〉 Mubarak, in Merzouga, Morocco 5/7

Mubarak doesn't have birthday - メルズーガ サハラ砂漠の小さな家。彼がノマドをやめた理由 第5回

〈誕生日〉 Mubarak, in Merzouga, Morocco 5/7






Mubarak doesn’t have a birthday. To be exact, everybody has a birthday in this world, but there’s no custom of remembering birthdays in their culture. In addition, they don’t exactly remember the year when they were born. Therefore, even though he is said to be 38 years old, there’s no telling if it’s true or not. This is just based on what his father said; “It’s 38 years since his birth.” For nomadic people, birthdays and birth years don’t have a significant meaning. They don’t celebrate their birthdays. They don’t even have an exact concept of grades in school.

They have two big celebrations in their lives. The first one is held about a week after birth. To celebrate a new life, they hold a huge party with music, where a baby’s name is announced. The other one is, of course, wedding. A wedding reception starts at dawn, even before breakfast. In a reception, people sing and dance as they play various kinds of music with beating drums. Mubarak loves this music the best among all the Berber music.

However, this custom has been changing. These days, children have birthdays and they know exactly when it is. When asked how old his kids are, Mubarak asked each of them and made them answer. He is apparently trying to raise his children in a different way from the one he experienced.


■ Mubarak, in Merzouga, Morocco
〈ノマド〉Mubarak, in Merzouga, Morocco 1/7




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