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〈ノマド〉Mubarak, in Merzouga, Morocco 1/7

Mubarak was a Nomad - メルズーガ サハラ砂漠の小さな家。彼がノマドをやめた理由 第1回








The word “nomad” means people who live a nomadic life. This word is not only used to describe those ancient people who might appear in a history textbook. Even now, in the 21st century, there are nomads all over the world and they are enjoying their own lifestyles.

When driving through Morocco down to south and getting close to the border with Algeria, no roads are displayed in a map. It seems like the end of the world, even though African continent goes down all the way to the Southern hemisphere. The “death” Sahara desert makes it impossible to even imagine how vast it is.

After leaving Merzouga, the last town on the way, there is a small hamlet in an area where you can find few signs of civilization. The boundaries between houses are pretty fuzzy as they are hidden in the sand. It’s hard to distinguish where roads are, but the kids living there, probably on their way from school, can easily find them out and cheerfully walk on them down home.

Mubarak lives in this area. Since birth, he had been a nomad for over 30 years, until 7 years ago. But now he is not. He lives in a house made of mud, with his wife and 4 children.


■ Mubarak, in Merzouga, Morocco




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