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〈蒸気船〉Katja, in Spinnerei, Germany 4/7

Katja's son loves steamships - シュピネライ 描いて紡いで、できあがるもの 第4回

〈蒸気船〉Katja, in Spinnerei, Germany 4/7





Katja says that she is not good at drawing "cute" illustrations for children. It is a bit hard thing for illustrators, because most books which need illustrations are for children. Some adult books need them of course, but not so many.

However, some illustrations on postcards by her seem to be loved by children. For example, a steamship on a postcard was really wonderful. She draw it for her 6-year-old son because he loves it very much. How do you feel if your mother is a professional illustrator and draw your favorite on postcards? You can imagine the shiny smile of little Jacob even if you do not know him.

It is very difficult for Katja to take time to work freely because of her son. Actually she was living here and always working 8 years ago when started to work here. However, it is impossible now. She works from morning to night, and then goes home.
In case that she have to work even on weekends, her son comes here together. The little illustrator draws his steamships on big paper.

She visited so many workshops during the 3years journey and got many ideas to make her workshop comfortable and nice. She realized it after that, so it can be said that this space is one of her works. It is a space of a professional, but opened to the world at the same time. That is why, customers can feel free to visit here and her son can spend time relaxed on weekends.


■ Katja, in Spinnerei, Germany
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TRANSLATION BY Jutaro Kanazawa


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