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〈本〉Katja, in Spinnerei, Germany 1/7

Katja loves books - シュピネライ 描いて紡いで、できあがるもの 第1回

〈コスプレ〉Katja, in Spinnerei, Germany 1/7


とはいえ、街の中心部では、なかなかそんな気配は感じられない。そこで向かったのは、少しだけ郊外にあるシュピネライという場所。場所、としか表現できないここは、かつての紡績工場を利用してできた、様々なアーティストの集う集合体のような場所だ。"From cotton to culture" というフレーズが掲げられている。入り口近くには、19世紀から東ドイツ時代の終わる直後まで、100年以上にわたって操業を続けた紡績工場の歴史が展示されている。そして、それぞれの建物には芸術家たちが居を構える。ある者は展示を行い、ある者はアトリエとしてその空間を使う。



Leipzig was already famous in 15th century as a commercial town. International trade fairs held there. In this town, printing was a really important industry. There were a lot of printing offices and publishing companies, so Leipzig has been known as a city of Books. The famous book fair attracts many people.

However, it is difficult to feel the atmosphere of the city of Books in the central part of Leipzig. So you have to go a little far. There is a place called Spinnerei that was a spinning factory in the past. After the factrory finished to work, they arranged this place to a space for artists saying "From cotton to culture." You can see the exhibition of the history of 100 and more years as a factory and also the place artists working now. Some hold their exhibition, and others use the place just for their studio.

Katja also has her studio here. She is a book designer. She does everything to make books like bookbinding, illustrating cuts and even designing letters by typography. You can not tell how to use the macines of hers because they looks really old-fashioned. The subtle scent of ink leads book lovers to be excited.


■ Katja, in Spinnerei, Germany 


TRANSLATION BY Jutaro Kanazawa


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