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〈ペルシアンブルー〉Viola, in Warsaw, Poland 3/7

Viola loves Persian blue - ワルシャワ 伝統も自由にまとうデザイナー 第3回

〈ペルシアンブルー〉Viola, in Warsaw, Poland 3/7






The important attitide of Viola is creating new designs with keeping traditional techniques and designs in her mind. It is not good to only trace the tradition, but neither to just make something eccentric. This is the attitude spreaded into whole ceramic industy in Poland recently.

For example, the major color for using ceramic in trend is blue. It is not traditional Polish coloring. When we see the design of folk dresses, red or green colors catches our eyes rather than blue, which has more Isramic image for us. She likes to use Persian blue. Meanwhile, design itself is tracing traditional ways properly. Black delicate patterns on the blue base are brilliant. 

Such combination adds unique warmness to her works. Though Blue is called a cold color, her blue comes closer to people's life really friendly.

Still, handmade is important for making these wonderful ceramics. As reputation of Polish ceramics grow, we can see many industrial products in the market. She has a confident that she is putting her soul into her creations that other products cannot have. Some day in future, she may have a chance to enlarge her workplace, but she cannot stop working with her hands. She wishes if her design can be made to the reality by many craftsmen's handwork.


■ Viola, in Warsaw, Poland
〈陶器〉Viola, in Warsaw, Poland 1/7 




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