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〈七王国の玉座〉Marija, in Belgrade, Serbia 4/7

Marija loves "A Game of Thrones" - ベオグラード 彼女の道を照らすのは 第4回

〈七王国の玉座〉Marija, in Belgrade, Serbia 4/7






Marija is reading "Alice in Wonderland" translated in Japanese now. It is published from "Aoitori Bunko (Bluebird Library)" which is for children. Books for clildren are the very things for those who are eager to learn Japanese because there are Kana (the easiest Japanese character) rubies on all of the Kanji (the most difficult one) characters that is the hardest difficulty for the learners. Moreover, "Alice" is a story with which she has been familiar from her childhood.

She loves fantasy literature primarily. One of the important reason of this is the cercumstances which have surrounded her. In Serbia, children read fantasic stories in the textbooks in their schools. Even Ivo Andrić who is well-known as a Nobel prize winner and the most important novelist in Serbia wrote such kind of story like  "Aska und der Wolf."

Therefore Marija likes Harry Potter series and The Load of the Rings series, of course. Her facorite nowadays is "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. Though it is not so popular in Japan, it is read by so many people in Serbia.

She loves Studio Ghibli works as well. Especially "Howl's Moving Castle" has a point in common with Serbian old fairy tales.


■ Marija, in Belgrade, Serbia
〈日本語〉Marija, in Belgrade, Serbia 1/7 


TRANSLATION BY Jutaro Kanazawa


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