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〈色〉Ina, in Sofia, Bulgaria 2/7

Ina loves vivid colors - ソフィア コミュニズムを知らない子どもたち 第2回

〈色〉Ina, in Sofia, Bulgaria 2/7日を改めてのインタビューに、彼女は自分の作品をいくつも持ってきてくれた。さまざまなスタイルのものが並んでいる。静物画から人物画まで。抽象画もあれば、アメコミ風のマンガまである。中には大学での課題作品もあるから、いろいろなものが混ざっていてあたりまえなのだけど、でもそれらのすべてに一貫している雰囲気がちゃんとある。とてもクールで、場合によってはタフなほどの重み。色鮮やかなのだけど、シリアスな空気さえ漂っている。ホラーっぽいものまである。




When we interviewed her another day, she brought some of her creations. Those paintings varies for many styles such as still-life, figure, abstract or even cartoons. It is natural because some of them are assignments for her school. Though, there is consistant atomosphere for all of them. That is very cool, sometimes tough weight. So vivid but somehow serious mood. Some of them are even horror-like.

Those unique charms are far from lovable or girlish. Moreover, they seems also far from her cheerful charactor. We asked why, but her answer was "I don't know." When she draws, those features appear naturally, she said. What she mind for drawing is to "be friendly with colors." Concious only about this, her drawing becomes in such creations.

Asking her favorite color, "Red, blue, yellow and their combination" is her answer. It means every color. Actually, her drawings are really colorful. Her taste is the contrast rather than types of colors. What she especially loves is vivid colors.


■ Ina, in Sofia, Bulgaria
〈たまり場〉Ina, in Sofia, Bulgaria 1/7 




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