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〈たまり場〉Ina, in Sofia, Bulgaria 1/7

Ina loves the flat - ソフィア コミュニズムを知らない子どもたち 第1回

〈たまり場〉Ina, in Sophia, Bulgaria 1/7ソフィアの街はどこかしら陰鬱に見える。それがこの街の持っているそもそもの特徴なのか、それともどんよりと垂れ込めた厚い雲がいよいよ冬の訪れを告げて、雪を降らせ始めたせいなのかはわからない。歴史を感じさせる美しい場所はたくさんあるというのに、それを彩る人の活気が感じられない。でも、そんな中で出会った青年の周りには、仲間との親密でエネルギッシュな空間があった。




The City of Sofia seems in some way dusky. We can't figure out whether the reason is came from the city's own feature or snow beggining to fall from thick cloud to let us know there came winter. Yet here are many beautiful historic places, there are no vigor of people for coloring them. However, the young man we met in such city is surrounded by close and energetic mood made by his friends.

He is a university student and lives alone in apartment once he lived with his family. Even he uses one as an atelier because he loves art, he is now looking for roommate to share his large 3LDK room. He told us that we could stay in vacant room and we accepted his kind offer. Moreover, he introduced his friend for our interviewee because she is intereting. Hey men, she has awesome tatoo on her back, he said.

This kind of house sometimes becomes a gathering spot for young people. Many men or women visitting, it is always bustling with colleagues here. They are kind for us, Japanese freeloader, then we found enourmously cheerful and friendly girl, Ina. She uses this atelier because her major is graphic design and she lives just a little away. She talks in a bit shy, but briskly and smilingly way. Awesome tatoo on her back? We can't really imagine.


■ Ina, in Sofia, Bulgaria




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