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〈瞑想〉Aylin, in Cappadocia, Turkey 6/7

Aylin loves meditation - カッパドキア 観光の街で伝統を舞う 第6回

〈瞑想〉Aylin, in Cappadocia, Turkey 6/7




Body is the not only thing to be cared everyday. Relaxing heart is also important. If you want to make audience smile, you also have to smile anytime. But "I can't keep smiling anytime" she said. Natural smile must come from keeping one's mind healthy enough.

Meditation is her way to care her mind. She is muslim, so she does it in Islamic way, at least 3 days in a week. Read Koran, calm down her heart, and close her eyes.
Not only that, she takes in Indian yoga. Those motion such as putting her palms together on her back are common to Belly Dance.
Anyway, it is necessary for dancer to keep relaxing body and soul everytime. What she does in her free time is all for dancing but she does it naturally. The way like hers must be called professionalism.


■ Aylin, in Cappadocia, Turkey
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