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〈スイミング〉Aylin, in Cappadocia, Turkey 5/7

Aylin loves Swimming - カッパドキア 観光の街で伝統を舞う 第5回

〈スイミング〉Aylin, in Cappadocia, Turkey 5/7




Dancing on the Stage is pretty hard work. This restaurant which Aylen is working for has 2 stages, big or small, and she has to dance on both. Because it is for tourists, she can't take rests on Suturday or Sunday. Out of the stages, she has to have some workout or caring her body. 

However, practice of dancing is not her everyday task. She concentrates to practice for new choreography of the year in 1 month in winter, which is off-season. So, what she has to do everyday is only to maintenance her body. She often go to swimming in the neighbor pool attached to high-class hotel. Swimming is the best way not only to care her body but to relax her mind, she says. 


■ Aylin, in Cappadocia, Turkey
〈ベリーダンス〉Aylin, in Cappadocia, Turkey 1/7 




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