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In Kita-ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan 1/7

北池袋、工場上の秘密基地 第1回

Q1. How long have you been living here?(ここに住んでどのくらい?)
 -- Half a year.(半年。)





Keita Suzuki spends most of his free time listening to and composing music.

"I don't know why, but rugged machines and especially the knobs really attract me," Keita says. Yes, you have to watch your step carefully when invited into his room, or you'll strike your foot against the stuffs.

No vacume-cleaner, no microwave oven, no bed, no refrigerator. Almost nothing was there. His belongings consist of only the things about music, which he really likes and needs. This place is not just a room but his own secret base.


■ In Kita-ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan


TRANSLATION BY Jutaro Kanazawa


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