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About Biotope Journal

What is "usual" or "unusual" ?

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Ordinary people's ordinary life,
rather than world heritages or famous landmarks.

What is "trip" and "journey" are all about?

Luxury vacations? Package tours? Or penniless travel by hitchhiking or bicycle? There are thousand kinds of travels. The styles are depending on you.

The project "Biotope Journal" is also a kind of travel by "Boredom Rocket" which consists of two guys traveling around the world. We will report about young people in the world, life spaces where they live and what they are doing.

A round-the-world trip must be overflowing with many cases of culture shocks and surprises. However, there will always be ordinary people's ordinary lives even if you regard them as extraordinary. And this is the most important point of the project.

We hope this project could help you to get another point of view to think of what is "usual" or "unusual."

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About the Website

We will report lives of people focusing on their living spaces everyday. Reporting one person for a week (7 short articles and photos from Monday to Sunday) and totally around 70 people in the world. Their real life will come out day by day.

About the Mail Magazine "Biotope Journal Weekly"

We are really sorry but the mail magazine is written only in Japanese. 

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About "Boredom Rocket"


Consists of two Japanese guys Jutaro Kanazawa and Takashi Suga who have been friends for 15 years. Organaized in Dec.2011 in Tokyo.

Juraro KanazawaJutaro Kanazawa

Writer and interviewer. he is a writer and also has been a backpacker from around 2007 when he was in his university, treveling many countries mainly in Asia.



Takashi SugaTakashi Suga

Editor and photographer. he has worked for publishing for 5 years, mainly for planning events, managing websites and designing graphics.







Hikari NishikawaHikari NISHIKAWA


imageYoshiko Hirabaru



General Affairs

Kei TamaiKei Tamai




Map & Schedule of the Trip

See bigger map Boredom Rocket Route

Sep.       Departure
Oct.     China
Nov.     Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey
Dec.     Bulgaria, Serbia

Jan.      Czech Republic, Poland
Feb.      Germany, Netherland
Mar.      Spain, Morocco
Apr.      Turkey(2), Jordan, Israel
May      Egypt, Kenya
Jun.      Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania
Jul.       Zambia, Namibia, South Africa
Aug.      France, United Kingdom
Sep.         America
Oct.      Mexico, Cuba
Nov.      Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru
Dec.      America Brazil, Argentina

Jan.       India, Nepal
Feb.        South East Asian countries, Back in Japan




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